Commissioners for divisions three and four, Harvey Hackett and john Schmiedeke have retained their positions on the board for another three years. Both ran unopposed in the elections this year. The district benefits a great deal from their many years of knowledge and experience.

User changes

It is extremely important to call the district office if you are contemplating a family transfer, subdivision or boundary relocation on your irrigated property. These changes will require approval from the board of commissioners for water allocations. Easements may be required, the moment you have a new preliminary map of your changes, please contact the district. It will make the entire process so much easier for all parties.

Water outlook

As of march 11, 2014, lake Como elevation is currently 4216.8 we will need approximately 24,997 acre feet to fill the lake. Snow pack is at 145% of normal.

Annual district meeting

The district annual meeting will be held on June 10th.  Dave Golay went home with a nice door prize at our 2013 meeting. We want more water users to attend so that you may better understand the operation and maintenance of the district. BRID's manager, john Crowley always shows a very informative and educational power point presentation. Please visit our web page (see above) for canal history, current news, announcements and ditchrider information, operating policies, and links to other irrigation water information.

Siphon one progress

Phase 3 is on hold until more funding becomes available. Phase 3, as it stands, is a shovel ready project. With the $100,000 RRG grant the district received from the state of Montana. The board of commissioners opted to move forward on a shortened version on phase 4. This involved removing 4 old bellow type expansion joints replace three of them with clam shells and one joint with a new expansion joint. This fit with in the scope of the RRG grant funding. If you would like more information on siphon one progress please attend the district annual meeting in June.

3-mile gravity system

The district has be begun the process of educating and informing 3 mile water users of options for this system once the final payment has been made to dnrc for the 30 yr contract payout. The district is very appreciative of interested users of those on the steering committee. This will be a long process to address the many facets to the future of these gravity systems. There will be more public meetings in the future for the public and all users involved.

Irrigation season to do's

Make sure you are aware of who your ditchrider is and how to get ahold of him on evenings and weekends. Have your ditches clean and ready for irrigation flow. Rule of thumb for those irrigators who sprinkle: one sprinkler head per irrigated acre. Replace nozzle heads as needed for proper irrigation. Make water orders to the office a day ahead.

Montana code snipits

Mt code 85-7-109. Every irrigation district so established is a public corporation for the promotion of the public
Welfare, and the lands included therein shall constitute all the taxable and assessable property of such district.

Office info/2014 ditch riders

Irrigation season office hours are Mon-Fri 8 am-4 pm. Please feel free to leave a message on the answering machine. The district phone # is 961-1182.

Ride 1 - lake Como to willow creek - Rod Sacks - 396-0203

Ride 2 - willow creek to Illinois bench - Smitty- 642-3643

Ride 3 - Ill bench to eagle watch - Greg Snedigar - 369-0322
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