Commissioner for division one, Bill Posten has retained his position on the board for another three years. The district is pleased that bill will continue to share his experience and knowledge on the board.

User Changes

Have you made any changes on your land lately? Maybe a family transfer or any type of boundary relocation? These changes do need approval from the board of commissioners of the irrigation district. These changes also require a proper water allocation on file at the district office and approval of the installed water delivery system. Approval may also require additional easements. The moment a new survey is complete, please contact the district office for clarification of district requirements to complete your changes.

Water outlook

As of April 9, 2012, Lake Como elevation is currently at 4221.8 we will need approximately 21,064 acre feet of water to fill the lake. Snow pack is at 106% of normal.

Annual district meeting

On June 12th, 2012, the board of commissioners will hold the annual district water user meeting. The meeting will be held at the district office at 7pm. We encourage your attendance so that you may better understand the many functions of the district, become acquainted with your ditch riders and manager, answer any questions or concerns you may have. Each year, the manager provides an excellent presentation on canal information. Please take advantage of these public meetings. We also invite you to visit the district on our web page at: you will find a lot of history and information about the district, emergency information and information about the annual meeting.

Siphon one, phase two

The district received a water resources development act (WARDA) 595 grant for $780,000 from the army corps of engineers. This is a 75-25 match. The district also has a renewable resource grant and loan (rrgl) from the state of Montana for $100,000. This money can be used as matching monies towards the WARDA grant. The monies will be used for phase two replacement. If you recall, the next section is phase two of siphon one. This would be the replacement of a section of siphon pipe 750 feet in length, with a diameter of 66 inches.

District facts to remember during irrigation season

1. Gates must be maintained to swing freely and horizontally away from the canal
With no ground interference. Any gate not maintained to swing freely will be left open. Policy mandates no new gates may be installed along the canal.

2. The district delivers 1⁄2 miner's inch of water per irrigated acre. This is equal to 5.625 gallons per minute, per irrigated acre. If sprinkling, this should allow you to run 1 sprinkler per irrigated acre.

3. The district cannot and will not give permission to individuals to use or be on the canal right of way or easement.

4. lateral maintenance from the main canal to the point of delivery is the
responsibility of the users of the laterals.

5. Determination of the irrigation season timeline will be subject to conditions of weather, soil moisture and available water supply.

Interference with distribution system - Mt code 85-7-1924
Interference with commissioner or distribution system-penalty.

A person who in any manner interferes with the commissioners of an irrigation district or their lawful agent or employee in carrying out of the powers conferred by 85-7-1921 through 85-7-1925 or who changes or tampers with any lock box, head-gate, or other device for the apportionment or distribution of water installed by or under the authority of the commissioners or who in any manner obstructs or changes the flow of water in the distribution system of any irrigation district without authority of the commissioners of the district is, in the discretion of the commissioners, subject to a forfeiture of the persons right to delivery of water through the distribution system of the district as long as the acts continue and is guilty of obstructing a public officer or criminal mischief, as appropriate, and is punishable as provided by 45-6-101 of 45-7-302, as applicable.

Office info / 2012 ditchriders

Irrigation season office hours are Mon-Fri 8-4. Please feel free to leave a message on the answering machine. The district phone # is 961-1182.

Ride 1 - Lake Como to willow creek - Rod Sacks - 642-3216
Ride 2 - willow creek to Illinois bench - Smitty - 642-3643
Ride 3 - Ill. Bench to eagle watch - Greg Snedigar - 369-0322

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