Ditch Riders

Beat 1: Chad Zander, 396-0203
Chad is the Dam Tender at Lake Como and the ditch rider from Como to Willow Creek. Chad joined Bitter Root Irrigation in November of 2017.


Beat 2: Dennis Smith ("Smitty"), 360-1651
Smitty takes care of the big ditch from
Willow Creek through Illinois Bench Road
and has been with BRID since the Fall
of 2005.

Beat 3: Levi Nentwig, 493-4321
Levi joined the Bitter Root Irrigation team
in February of 2016 and will be taking Greg's
place as a ditch rider from Burnt Fork to
Eagle Watch.

Ditch Riders
Also important in the maintenance of the shop and ditch are Greg Snedigar and Larry Neel, pictured here with BRID Manager, John Crowley. (left to right: John, Greg, Larry)