Question: I own 10 acres; does that mean I have 10 irrigated acres?

Answer: No. Please call Bitter Root Irrigation District office and talk to the Office Manager or the Manager and they can tell you how many I. A. you have for that piece of property.

Question: I just came back from vacation; can I double the amount of sprinklers since I hadn’t used my water in a week?

Answer: No.  BRID’s water is 24/7 continuous flow.  It’s not like a savings account where you save your water and use it at a later date.

Question: Since I don’t water during the day, can I double up on my sprinklers at night?

Answer: No. Again, BRID’s water is on a 24/7 continuous flow.

Question: I just sub-divided my property and gave one acre to my son.  Do I still have to come to the office and fill out a  Water Allocation Form?

Answer: Anytime you sub-divide or make a boundary adjustment PLEASE come to the office with a plat map and update your information on your property.

Question: It was recommended, by my ditch rider, to change my nozzles out every 2-3 years.  Is this true?

Answer: Yes.  Over time the grit in the water will enlarge your nozzle size diameter.

Question: I was told I have unlimited water.  Is this true?

Answer: No. You need to call the office and see how many Irrigated Acres of water you have.

Question: I was told by my ditch rider, that BRID’s basic rule of thumb is one sprinkler per Irrigated Acre. Is this true?

Answer: Yes, this is true.

Question: How much will I pay in taxes for the water I use?

Answer: $35.00 per irrigated acre and a $210 annual account charge per water user.  Users on the Stevi / Three mile gravity system have made semi-annual payments on the system for the past 30 years, assessed on their property taxes at $16 per irrigated acre. The final payment on the gravity system was made in February 2016, so that assessment will no longer appear on Three Miler users' taxes.
Frequently Asked Questions